Water Heater Installation in La Verne CA

Find out which option is best for your water heater installation in La Verne CA

No matter what you’re looking for in water heater installation in La Verne CA, you’ve made the right choice. Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service can provide you with upfront, honest pricing, expert advice, and exceptional service. When clients call us for new or replacement water heaters, one of the first questions they ask is whether they should stick with a conventional water heater or choose a tankless option. The answer is different for everyone but we’ve compared a simple guide with the basic advantages of each.

Advantages of a conventional water heater

There is no water heater that’s right for every need. Instead, you’ll have to carefully compare each option. When you reach out to us for help, we can offer our advice on which water heater installation in La Verne CA makes the most sense for your property and your needs. Some of the advantages that may lead us to recommend a conventional water heater include:

  • In most areas, a gas heater is going to cost less to run than an electric one. Of course, this depends on your local utilities.
  • In most cases, a conventional water heater is more affordable than a tankless water heater.
  • If you’re replacing a conventional water heater, it’s very easy to replace it with the same type of heater.
  • It can handle high water usage.
  • In the event you lose power, the reserve of hot water will remain hot for some time.

Do these advantages make it seem like the right choice for you? Then call us today!

Several advantages of tankless water heaters

While there are several advantages that may initially push you toward a conventional water heater, first consider the advantages you’ll see with a tankless water heater.

  • The water supply is nearly endless – as long as you have the right unit installed. When you call us for water heater installation in La Verne CA, we’ll make sure you get a model that can stand up to the needs of your home.
  • You have access to instant hot water whenever you want it.
  • It’s about 50% more energy efficient compared to a conventional hot water heater for one simple reason: It only heats up water when you need. A conventional water heater has a constant supply of hot water.
  • They’re only as large as a small suitcase and are mounted to your wall. As a result, they’re a great choice for smaller spaces.

If you think this may be the best option, then reach out to us today. If you’re still not sure, then we’d still love to hear from you. We’re happy to share our best recommendations based on your unique needs.

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It doesn’t matter what your needs are – whether you’re building a brand-new home or you have an older home that needs a replacement water heater – we are here to help. You can count on us for upfront pricing that assures you know just what you’ll be charged for when the bill comes. At Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service, we believe in fair and transparent pricing. Call us at (877) 298-8105 to get the process started.