Are You Dealing with a Clogged Drain? Follow These Five Tips to Take Care of Your Drains

Are You Dealing with a Clogged Drain? Follow These Five Tips to Take Care of Your Drains

Are You Dealing with a Clogged Drain? Follow These Five Tips to Take Care of Your Drains

The procedure of cleaning out a blocked drain is a time-consuming and not very pleasant. The most effective method of preventing clogs is to avoid them from occurring in the first place. Preventing costly repairs by performing regular maintenance and maintaining your household drains in good working order using a few tried and tested ways will help you avoid having to make costly repairs.

At Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service we can come out to help with your clogged drain – just call us at (866) 261-3329. However, you can also follow the below tips to try and reduce the chance that your drain will be clogged in the first place.

Use Strainers

Strainers should be installed in all of your plumbing drains to prevent hair and other unwanted items from entering the system. If you empty out your strainer once every few days, it will be less expensive and less time-consuming than having a plumber clean your drain once every six months.

Do Not Flush Soap

Small bits of soap should not be flushed down the toilet. Do not make the mistake of assuming that soap will disintegrate and wash away. Allowing little or big chunks of soap to go down the drain might result in soap buildups in the drain.

Be Careful What You Flush

Do not flush anything down the toilet other than toilet paper. Cotton balls, Q-tips, cigarette butts, band-aids, and dental floss that are flushed down the toilet can cause a back-up in the toilet. However, many individuals believe that goods such as sanitary wipes and feminine products that have been branded “flushable” are safe to flush. However this is not the case.

One of the most common causes of drain blockages is the usage of “flushable” goods. This is not only a problem for individuals, but it has also become a problem for municipal institutions, which are facing costly sewage blockages.

Be Careful What You Put in Your Garbage Disposal

It is not recommended to use a garbage disposal to dispose of meat items, celery or similar vegetables, egg shells, or grease since they might cause clogs. These things are not readily broken up and are guaranteed to produce a kitchen sink blockage in the future.

Have Your Drains Professionally Cleaned

Even when you take all of the above steps, it is still wise to have your drains cleaned every six months. If you suspect that it is time to do so, contact Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service at (866) 261-3329 and let us help.