Assistance for water heater leaks in SoCal

Assistance for water heater leaks in SoCal

Assistance for water heater leaks in SoCalWhen people think of problems that can affect a water heater, they usually don’t think about leaks. Instead, they think about the heaters malfunctioning and failing to warm the cold water, for example, but typically not about leaks, which are fairly common. In this blog post, we tell you all about them and how a plumber might be able to help.

Water heaters 101: the basics

There is very little mystery to a water heater –– it does exactly what it sounds like it does. If you’re able to take warm showers in the morning, for example, there a good chance you have a nice water heater making your life infinitely times better.

What many people don’t know, however, is that a water heater does more than just warm up your water. A water heater, for example, can optimize your energy usage and save you money on your monthly bill. Who says hot showers have to be expensive?

Water heater leaks

What causes a water heater leak, you might ask? There are three main answers: excessive pressure, a cracked storage tank, and a loose drain valve.

The tank in your water heater can only withstand so much pressure. If the tank’s external water supply is delivered at too high a pressure, or if you set the water temperature too high, you might pressure your water heater tank to the point of leaking.

Sometimes, calcified liquids accumulate inside the tank and, as time passes, these can break the glass coating of your water heater, causing it to leak.

Last but not least, a faulty drain valve can also lead to leaks –– in fact, this is the most common reason why water heaters leaks.

How to spot a water heater leak

If you detect a significant amount of water on your roof, ceilings, walls, underneath your water heater, or even smoke vents, and you can trace the water back to your water heater, chances are you have a leak in your hands.

If the leak is coming from underneath your water heater, there is also a good chance your heater some damage and needs replacement.

Fixing a water heater leak

Depending on both the type of leak and the kind of water heater you have, a plumber might be able to fix your leak.

A plumber can also help with regular maintenance of upkeep, including standard replacements. In fact, you should be replacing your water heater at least once every ten years.

Here at Preferred Plumbing & Rooter Services, our team of professionals has plenty of experience helping families with their water heaters. If you suspect yours has a leak, or would like some regular maintenance, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are located in Pomona and serve the greater Los Angeles area: (877) 298-8105.