Call Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service When You Experience Faucet or Sink Problems in Pomona

Call Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service When You Experience Faucet or Sink Problems in Pomona

Faucet and sink issues are some of the most common types of plumbing problems homeowners in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties experience. In some cases, DIY approaches can solve these problems; in others, you may need to call a plumbing professional.

Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service provides expert plumbing services to home and business owners throughout the Inland Valley. We can repair and replace any damaged or broken faucet or sink component. We can also repair your kitchen sink’s garbage disposal unit or install a new one.

The Most Common Faucet and Sink Problems in Pomona

Some of the most common faucet and sink problems our plumbers encounter include:

  • Leaking faucets: Dripping faucets wastes water which can lead to higher water bills. These problems are often the result of a worn-out washer, O-ring, or other internal faucet component.
  • Slow or clogged drains: Sinks can become clogged due to blockages caused by a buildup of food waste, hair, soap scum, oil and grease, paper products, and other materials. Plungers, augers, and drain cleaners can clear most clogs.
  • Persistent bad odors: Foul smells from the sink can be caused by food residue and bacterial growth in the drain or garbage disposal unit.
  • “Spitting” faucets: This occurs when the faucet does not provide a steady stream of water but instead “spits” water unevenly.
  • Garbage disposal issues: Problems with garbage disposal units can include clogs, jammed blades, motor issues, and electrical issues. If the damage is too severe, we can replace the old garbage disposal unit with a new one.
  • Leaking pipes: Leaking pipes under a sink can lead to water damage and mold growth. and higher water bills. Leaks can occur for various reasons, including joints, fittings, or corrosion.
  • Broken or loose faucet handles: Faucet handles can break or become loose, affecting the ability to control water flow.
  • Water temperature issues: The faucet mechanism or water heater may be to blame for faucets that deliver the wrong temperature water.
  • Corrosion: Over time, pipes, faucets, and other sink components can become corroded, affecting their functionality.
  • Faulty shut-off valves: Damaged water shut-off valves under the sink can develop leaks and make it difficult to control the flow of water into the faucet.
  • Low water pressure: Low water pressure can make washing and rinsing difficult. Clogged aerators, mineral buildup in pipes, or issues with the water supply are often the cause of low water pressure in faucets.

If you’ve been dealing with any of these issues, call Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service for reliable, affordable sink or faucet repairs. Addressing sink and faucet problems can help save money on your water bills and maintain good water quality while preventing problems such as water damage and mold growth.

Professional Sink and Faucet Repairs in Pomona, CA

Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service has been delivering outstanding plumbing services in Pomona and throughout the Inland Empire area since 2016. We’re available 24/7 to tackle whatever plumbing emergency you may encounter. Our team of licensed Pomona plumbers possess the tools and training to tackle just about any plumbing problem, usually in a single visit.

You can reach Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service through our website or phone us at (877) 298-8105 to schedule a call from one of our Pomona plumbing contractors.