Do You Have Slab Leak? Learn the Most Common Signs to Look Out For

Do You Have Slab Leak? Learn the Most Common Signs to Look Out For

Do You Have Slab Leak? Learn the Most Common Signs to Look Out For

Are you wondering if you are dealing with a slab leak? If you are, we recommend that you contact Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service at (866) 261-3329 right away. This is a situation that is only going to get more expensive and more difficult to handle as time goes on. However, you can also keep reading to see some of the common signs that might indicate that you have a slab leak.

There Are Hot Spots on Your Flooring

Have you noticed recently that there is an area (or areas) on your floor that is hotter than it used to be? This can be a sign of a slab leak. In fact, this is often one of the first signs that anyone will notice. It should prompt you to either call us right away or to check for other common signs.

There is Water Protruding from the Slab or Ground

This is a very obvious sign of a slab leak, but it is all too common for people to take it for something else. If you notice that there is water coming from the slab, ground, or anywhere else that it should not be coming from, at the very least, this is a sign that something is wrong.

Your Toilet, Tub, and/or Shower is Backed Up

If you have suddenly noticed that your toilet, tub, shower, or other drain is no longer running smoothly, and is instead backing up for no obvious reason, then this could be a sign of a slab leak. Once again, even if it is not a slab leak, it is likely something else serious that should be addressed by your plumber.

There is a Bad Smell You Cannot Explain

If there is a bad smell coming from your home, and you do not know where it is coming from, it is possible that it is caused by mold or mildew – both of which can be caused by slab leaks. As mentioned in the other sections, the truth is that if there is a bad smell, whether it is caused by a slab leak or not, it is worth getting it looked at by a plumber.

What to Do if You Expect You Have a Slab Leak

Do you suspect that you have a slab leak? Are any of the above factors relevant to your home? Then you should call your plumbing experts at Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service. Call us at (866) 261-3329, and we can come to take a look. We will provide you a comprehensive report that gives you all the relevant information needed to make an informed decision.