Fix Your Slow-Draining Sink

Fix Your Slow-Draining Sink

Fix Your Slow-Draining Sink

The New Year is an opportunity to start fresh –– including by finally fixing your slow-draining kitchen sink. While you might have just given up on this important home appliance, those of us at Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service are here to remind you that there is always a solution to your plumbing problem. This blog post will tackle slow-draining sinks: keep on reading to learn more.

The science behind a slow-draining sink

There are Manu culprits behind what could possibly be a slow-draining sink. For example, strands of hair, a buildup of soap scum and, of course, large bits of debris can block water from flowing down your drain.

Many people make the mistake of accepting a slow-draining sink. After all, so long as the water is draining, what is the problem, right? Don’t settle for less than what you deserve. A fully-functioning sink should not make you wait for the water to drain. In fact, a slow-draining sink can be symptomatic of larger structural problems in your home –– which is why ignoring the issue is not the right call at all.

Unclogging a slow-draining sink with a professional

There are multiple services that a plumber can offer to fix your slow-draining sink. For example, a professional plunge might elect to use a wet-dry vac, which is a particularly powerful tool against stubborn sinks.

Additionally, a professional might elect to use a drain snake. This tool is particularly distinctive and helpful because of its flexibility. In addition, it has the horsepower to clear just about any clog.

Other services

Here at Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Services, we pride ourselves in the scope of our offerings. We try to make sure we can meet every single one of our clients’ needs –– including those that are unusual and particularly difficult. To that end, our team of professional plumbers offers comprehensive services and, even better, a willing attitude.

In addition, our office offers special prices and discounts to make our services as affordable as possible. Currently, for example, you can enjoy a basic cable drain cleaning for just $79 –– a steal that definitely gives you your money’s worth.

If you would like to learn more about us, don’t hesitate to contact us to request additional information. Feel free to also visit our Testimonials Page and see for yourself what our clients have to say. Then, when you’re ready, give us a call: (877) 298-8105.