Get the Truth About Why Plumbers Use Cameras to Inspect Your Pipes

Get the Truth About Why Plumbers Use Cameras to Inspect Your Pipes

Get the Truth About Why Plumbers Use Cameras to Inspect Your PipesSewer cameras have not been used forever. Many people have never seen one until a plumber shows up with one. They wonder: why do these cameras need to be used? Plumbers in the past didn’t need them? Keep reading to find out the truth and then contact Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service at (866) 261-3329 if you are dealing with a drain clog that you need assistance with.

Sewer Cameras Make Trenchless Sewer Repair Possible

It is true that there weren’t cameras in that past – but that also meant that if there was an issue with a pipe, the only option was often to dig up the pipes through the yard and look to see what was happening. Now, cameras can be used, and trenchless sewer repairs make it possible to get a fix without holes in your yard.

It is Much Faster to Get Answers

It used to be that it could take days to find the problem in a pipe. Now, thanks to cameras, we can find the cause of the problem in just minutes sometimes. We can record the inspection and keep the footage so you can see what the problem is yourself.

Plumbing Systems are Complex Mazes of Pipes

Your pipes are not straight and easy to diagnose. They are a complex maze of pipes that are very difficult to diagnose without a camera. To put it simply, the reason that we use cameras for pipe inspections is that it is the fast, most efficient, and least destructive option.

Signs That It is Time to Contact Us for Pipe Inspection

If there is a single sink in your home that is draining very slowly, then it is generally simple to figure out that the problem is with that sink. However, if there are several sinks draining, then there is likely a large issue with your plumbing as a whole. This would be one sign that it is time to contact us for pipe inspection.

Other signs include smells of sewage coming out of your pipes, a patch of grass outside that is much wetter and/or brighter green than the rest, your have inconsistent water pressure, or you have other unexplained plumbing issues.

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