Is Your Nose Telling You That You May Have a Plumbing Problem?

Is Your Nose Telling You That You May Have a Plumbing Problem?

Here are a few of the common odors associated with specific plumbing issues:

  • Rotten egg, sulfur-like smells, and other sewer gas odors could be caused by P-trap issues, sewer line problems, or backflow into your clean water plumbing.
  • Leaky pipes, water seepage, and high humidity levels inside a home can be the cause of damp, mildew-like smells in a home.
  • Earthy or moldy smells can result from hidden water leaks, mold growth, or damp areas.
  • Plumbing or sewer line issues and chemical contamination from backflow can cause chemical or oil odors.
  • Bacterial growth in drains or pipes can create a sour or acidic smell.
  • The foul smell of sewage could indicate a sewer line blockage or backup, damaged sewer pipe.
  • Decaying or rotting food odors could be caused by a blocked garbage disposal or food debris trapped in a drain.
  • The unpleasant odor of decaying animals could be caused by a dead animal in your plumbing or sewer system.

These smells can be caused by many things. However, if you’ve been experiencing strange, foul smells in your home along with clogged drains, backed-up toilets, water leaks, water heater problems, low water pressure, and other issues, it’s a good bet you have a plumbing problem.

Delaying Plumbing Repairs Can Have Serious Consequences

If you suspect those strange odors you’ve been smelling could be the result of a plumbing problem, call Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service right away. Minor plumbing issues can escalate into costly plumbing disasters if repairs are delayed. Water damage, mold growth, high water bills, water quality issues, higher than normal water bills, and structural damage to your home are just a few of the consequences of ignoring a plumbing problem in Pomona, CA.

The licensed Pomona plumbers at Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service are ready whenever you need us. We provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services in the Riverside County/San Bernardino County areas. We respond promptly to all emergency plumbing calls and arrive on-site ready to get to work. Most plumbing issues can be addressed in a single visit.

Expert Plumbing Repairs in Pomona, CA

Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service has been delivering expert plumbing repair and maintenance services to home and business owners in Pomona and the Inland Empire area since 2016. Customers turn to use when they need prompt, affordable, and reliable plumbing repairs. Our team of Pomona plumbing contractors has the tools and training to tackle just about any plumbing problem you may experience.

Preferred Plumbing’s core plumbing services include water leak detection and repairs, sewer line replacement and repair, drain cleaning, and water heater maintenance, repair, and installation. You can reach us through our website or call Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service at (877) 298-8105 to schedule a visit from one of our Pomona, CA plumbers.