Learn About Tap Water Issues That Could Be Signs of a Plumbing Problem

Learn About Tap Water Issues That Could Be Signs of a Plumbing Problem

Learn About Tap Water Issues That Could Be Signs of a Plumbing ProblemBarring an unexpected problem, the tap water in Southern California is generally fit to be drunk. For this reason, if you notice something off about your tap water, it is likely that there is something wrong. Keep reading to learn what signs to look for. If you notice any of these, contact a plumber as soon as possible.

A Bad Smell is a Bad Sign

Your water should smell like nothing. If you run the water and it has a metallic or sulfur-like smell, it could be a cause for concern. Some of the issues that could cause your water to smell bad include:

  • A backup issue with your sewage drain.
  • The EPA has approved chlorine to treat tap water. You might notice a slight smell as a result – this is nothing to worry about.
  • A smell of sulfur might indicate that your water heater needs to be flushed or replaced.
  • If you notice a fishy odor, this is most likely an issue with algae, and you should contact your water service provider immediately.

If you are not sure what the smell is, you can pick up a water testing kit at most hardware stores. You can also contact a plumber who can complete a full inspection to find not only what the problem is but its source.

Cloudy Tap Water is Not Necessarily a Bad Sign

If you pour a glass of water and it looks a little cloudy or hazy initially, this is not something to automatically worry about. Set the cup down and see if the cloudiness goes away within a few seconds. If it does, then the issue was just trapped and pressurized air. If it does not go away, then it is likely that you have water that is much too hard, or that there is dirt or sand in your pipes.

Your Tap Water Leaves an Unpleasant Residue

Just water should not leave a residue. If you notice that it leaves a brown stain or a chalky issue, then this is likely due to hard water, rusty pipes, or clogged pipes. These are issues that your local plumber will help you handle.

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