Looking for Main Drain Repair?

Looking for Main Drain Repair?

Looking for Main Drain Repair?You’re probably used to shower drains getting clogged, especially if you have long hair. A different type of clog that people don’t talk about as much but is just as important –– if not even more –– is main drain repair. And what is a main drain, exactly? They are the pipes that run through your home’s walls and floors to connect you to your sewage line. Read on to find out who to call in Riverside County and San Bernardino County when you need help.

How to tell if you need main drain help

A main drain can he hard to spot. After all, it’s not like you’re in the shower and can easily look down at the water pooling around your feet. Main drains are by definition hidden from your view –– they are your home’s plumbing system, and nobody wants that out in the open. That being said, however, there are some signs you can easily spot to help you identify a main drain issue.

For example, sewage blockage or backup is a common sign you have a problem with your main drains. If you struggle flushing down your toilet or washing stuff off the sink, your plumbing infrastructure could be to blame. Another common symptom is bad smells. As you can imagine, sewage blockages cause materials such as food debris to release odors that are less than pleasant to the human nose.

More severe signs include cracks in the foundations of your property as well as patches of grass that are much greener and lusher than the grass around them. Over time, you might also spot pools of septic waste and even pests. These indicators can be harmful to your health in and of themselves –– which makes taking care of your main drains a health issue.

Causes behind main drain problems

It’s easy to understand how a shower drain gets clogged –– especially if you see your hair stuck there. Main drains can get clogged for somewhat similar reasons. Debris flushed down the toilet can eventually accumulate in troubling volume, for example, though there are also more perplexing reasons.

For instance, tree roots might be an issue if your pipes are a bit old. This is because older pipes are not made out of materials resistant enough and, as a result, the branches interrupt your water flow for themselves.

Other reasons such as corrosion and leaks are also behind your main drain problems. Like everything else, your pipes wear and tear over time.

In short

So, who do you call? Preferred Plumbing & Rooter Services serve the Riverside County and San Bernardino County with everything related to plumbing, including main drains. Their prices are very competitive and many satisfied customers can vouch for them. Give them a call today: (877) 298-8105.