Low Water Pressure in Los Angeles

Low Water Pressure in Los Angeles

Low Water Pressure in Los AngelesThe only thing worse than a cold shower is a cold shower with low water pressure –– or, actually, even a hot shower isn’t fun if the pressure isn’t right.

This blog post will teach you all about the common causes behind low water pressure and how to fix it –– including by contacting Preferred Plumbing and Rooter, the best plumbing service in the Los Angeles area.

What causes low water pressure?

There are many reasons that can explain low water pressure. Oftentimes, the problem has something to do with your pipes.

Clogged pipes are among the most common culprit behind low water pressure. If there is any kind of matter building up inside your pipes, water will not be allowed to travel as fast or heavily as it otherwise would. Similarly, if your pipes are corroded, that might be the reason your water pressure is low.

Old homes and business locations are particularly prone to pipe issues. And because corrosion and clogs usually can’t be determined externally, you want to hire a professional to inspect for you.

Leaks are another common reason for low water pressure. Some warning signs indicative of leaks include wet spots or pooling water around your home.

You can sometimes have low water pressure even if your pipes and the rest of your plumbing equipment is in perfect order. High water demand, for example, might be to blame. You might notice a light trickle in the kitchen sink if the dishwasher or multiple showers are running at the same time.

How to fix low water pressure

If you suffer from low water pressure anywhere in your home or place of work, consider bringing a plumber for an inspection. They will be able to identify and repair leaks, as well as inspect valves for issues.

Other simpler tips you can try include being mindful of your water use. For example, avoid running water in multiple locations at the same time, especially if you can avoid it. This will result in a more efficient water use that can potentially even save you money on the next utility bill.

Next steps

If you’re struggling with low water pressure and are in the market for a reliable plumber, Preferred Plumbing & Rooter is the best option in the greater Los Angeles area. Our team of professionals has years of experience and a proven record to prove it. Get in touch today to learn more: (877) 298-8105.