Plumbing Tips for Your Kitchen

Plumbing Tips for Your Kitchen

Plumbing Tips for Your KitchenYour kitchen is probably one of the most important parts of your home. Where else can you cook your meals? Whether you make elaborate dishes or just pop a frozen dinner in the microwave, you can surely agree a kitchen is important. Unfortunately, many people make the easy mistake of neglecting their kitchen –– they think the sturdy room can handle it all. We are here to give you a few tips to do otherwise.

How to care for your garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal is one of the most important plumbing utilities in your kitchen. Let us tell you how to take good care of business.

First order of business, always make sure to run some water when you are grinding something down. Think about it: imagine using a blender without any type of liquid. Not pretty, right? Water can help your garbage disposal break down food residue and ease the grinding process.

Another related tip is that you should avoid using hot water, for it keeps fats congealed and solid inside the garbage disposal. Instead, use cold water since it can help break down your food and make the process easier for your sink equipment.

The last order of business is an obvious one. While it is tempting to throw almost anything down the garbage disposal, you should avoid dispensing with bones and other hard items. The blades in your sink are not very strong, after all, and they could be easily broken or jammed.

Don’t forget your water heater

Why are we talking about water heaters when we’re talking about your kitchen, right? Well, turns out that water heaters are important for reasons other than hot showers. Think about it: you want warm water to wash your dishes, especially for those persistent stains that just won’t go away.

Like every appliance, water heaters can break or wear down with time. In fact, it is recommended that you replace or upkeep your water heater once every ten years. You can tell it’s time for a replacement if you hear funny rumbling sounds or if you notice the water is just not as warm as it used to be. In some cases, you might even have a water leak pooling around the heater.

Who do you call?

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