Why Are So Many Homeowners Going Tankless When They Need a New Water Heater?

Why Are So Many Homeowners Going Tankless When They Need a New Water Heater?

Water heaters are one of the most important appliances in our homes. We use hot water for a variety of daily activities, from bathing and showering to washing dishes and laundry. When our hot water supply is interrupted, we want it restored ASAP.

When local homeowners experience problems with their water heater, they call Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service for prompt, affordable solutions. We provide expert water heater repair, maintenance, and replacement in Pomona and surrounding communities. Sometimes a water heater just needs a little maintenance or simple repairs to get it back up and running. However, if the water heater is over a certain age, it may need to be replaced.

Your Water Heater Will Develop Problems Over Time

Traditional storage tank water heaters are built to last, but they aren’t built to last forever. Over time, corrosion, sediment buildup, and other problems can take their toll on your home’s water heater. This can result in a number of issues, such as:

  • Your water heater is in constant need of repairs and maintenance.
  • The water isn’t being heated or isn’t being heated to the desired temperature.
  • Water heater leaks.
  • Low water pressure.
  • Insufficient hot water supply to keep up with demand.
  • Discolored water, odd odors, metallic taste, and other water quality issues.
  • Banging, knocking, rumbling, and other strange noises coming from your water heater.

Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service specializes in new water heater installation. We can remove your old water heater and replace it with a new one. We can also help you select your new water heater based on your needs and budget.

Going Tankless Makes Sense for Many Reasons

Homeowners in Pomona have several options when it comes to selecting a new water heater. More and more of them are opting to replace their old, worn-out storage tank water heater with a tankless water heater. While tankless water heaters cost more than traditional reservoir water heaters, they offer many advantages.

Rather than storing a supply of hot water, tankless water heaters produce hot water on demand. The water is heated as it passes through a specially designed heating unit. This heating unit is capable of producing a nearly endless supply of hot water.

In addition to a continuous supply of hot water, tankless water heaters provide many other benefits, including:

  • A longer operating life.
  • Reduced energy use.
  • They generally require less maintenance and repairs.
  • They are more resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Wall-mounted tankless water heaters take up less room.

Tankless Water Heater Installation in Pomona, CA

Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service offers complete water heater repair, maintenance, and replacement services in Pomona, CA, and throughout the Inland Empire region. Regular inspection and maintenance can greatly extend the useful life of a water heater. Our team of licensed Pomona plumbing professionals have the tools and training to tackle just about any water heater problem homeowners in Pomona may encounter.

You can contact Preferred Plumbing and Rooter Service through our website or call us at (877) 298-8105 to learn more about having a tankless water heater installed in your home. Be sure to inquire about our water heater installation specials!